Happy New Year 2019, Lessons and Best Wishes

Lessons and My Best Wishes for the Girls in 2019

I know I am late to the party and we are done wishing each other a "Happy New Year" but I wanted to say one last thing before we get too far -  These are my Lessons from 2018 &  Best wishes for you this year. Lesson #1: Learning to let people go in love. …

Traveling to Catania

Wanderlust| Traveling to Catania, Italy 🇮🇹

Catania was Food, Fun, and Racism? I love traveling to places off the beaten path. It just feels like I get a new story to tell and new images to capture. Yes, places like Paris are amazing but you've heard so much about it, it lacks an element of surprise. So for a honeymoon, I…

Travel to Turks and Caicos, Bachelorette

Wanderlust| Traveling to Turks and Caicos 🇹🇨

Some of my best girls and I traveled to Turks and Caicos (TCI) for my bachelorette party. When I was thinking of places to go, this place was not on the list ...mostly because I hadn't heard of it until the flight deal emerged. To me and many Americans ... it is the Bahamas. I…

Best Wishes for 2018

Glam, Goals and Good Wishes: Wishes for Girls in the New Year 2018

My Best Wishes for Girls in the New Year 2018 I can say with certainty that I have never felt so out of sorts in my life. For an entire 12 months, I was both living my best and worst life. Best because personally, the year has been amazing. I got engaged, new blog (and blog girlfriends),…

Travel to Thailand

Wanderlust| Traveling to Thailand 🇹🇭

Thailand was the trip of a lifetime I took a little baecation to Thailand, specifically Bangkok, Chiangmai, and Phuket and it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. It was definitely the trip of the lifetime for both of us in terms of distance and difference. I know you have questions so let's get into it!…

InsecureHBO Team Molly

#TEAMMOLLY | Why Issa and Lawrence Are Both Trash

I weighed in on the #TeamIssa Vs. #TeamLawrence debate and came out #TeamMolly I know you are gonna be mad so feel free to square up on twitter. Find me @TheLiveWellGirl  I have been watching Insecure and live tweeting since season one. I am a long time fan of Issa Rae from her days of…

Summer Reads for Black Girls by Black Girls, Lisa Live Well

Amazing Summer Reads for Black Girls by Black Girls: Summer ’17 Edition

I Love a Good Summer Read and These are My Favorites This Year I love the summer. I love all the things we just naturally do when the days are long and the sun is high like getting outside, eating lighter food and lazing by the pool with a good summer read. Summer reads themselves…

Lisa Live Well, Happy Juneteenth, June 19

Why Juneteenth Matters

Why you should celebrate Juneteenth

Black Music Month

It’s Black Music Month | 15 Songs to Empower Black Women #PlaylistIncluded

June is Black Music Month, Enjoy It’s June and Black Music Month. Yeah, that’s a thing. On this day in 1979, Jimmy Carter decreed the holiday and I am here for it. Music is such a huge part of who we are and there is a song for every way we want to feel. Black…

Lisa Live Well Blog, Black Women in Personal Finance, Black Girl Magic in Money

Magical Black Girls in Personal Finance to Follow Right Now

Finding your footing in good money management is often about finding representation.  Some people have close friends and family to help them make great financial decisions and others have to learn from the experts. Either way, one of the best decisions you can make is to find a person who can offer you some frank…

Lisa Live Well, Book Review of Zadie Smith Swing Time Book Image

Black Girlhood Friends, Class, and Being Robin | A Review of Zadie Smith’s Swing Time

  Zadie Smith writes about the intimacy of black girl friendships and its brilliant British writer Zadie Smith’s new novel, Swing Time is a book about girlhood friendship and self-identity. It's basically for all of us who have complicated relationships our besties from middle school. The book follows two girls, the unnamed narrator, and her…

Bound for the promise land, kate clifford larson, harriet tubman, american hero

Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman: Portrait of an American Hero by Kate Clifford Larson | A Review

Book explains why Harriet Tubman is the original Magic Black Girl

International Womens Day, March 8, Women, Ursala Burns, Mellondy Hobson, Lupita, Chimamanda

My Favorite Professional Women and Their Best Advice to Us

Happy International Women's Day Mellody Hobson on Passion "Be a Fanatic and Own that YOU have to convince them." Tracee Ellis Ross on Full Womanhood "I just want to say this. I love being a woman. I love playing a woman. I love being a whole and full woman. I am more than my parts,…

Pearl Cleage, Book Review, Things I should have Told my daughter

5 Things I loved About Pearl Cleage’s Things I Should Have Told My Daughter: Lies, Lessons and Love Affairs

Pearl Cleage's book forced me to take a long look at the true womanhood of the women I admire most Pearl Cleage is one of the most captivating fiction writers I have ever read. I have fallen head over heels in love with so many of her novels. I had never read her nonfiction work until…

Happy Library Lovers Day

Happy Library Lovers Day

I Just Really Love Libraries Libraries are the center of communities, a place kids can have story time and adults can get materials for free. For as long as I can remember, I have loved Libraries. It is my most consistent form of self-care. I have been hanging out in them my entire life. Being one…

Book Review| Dust Tracks on a Road by Zora Neal Hurston

Book Review| Dust Tracks on a Road by Zora Neal Hurston

 Let's Just Say Hurston is Southern Black Girl Magic Zora Neale Hurston’s Book, Dust Tracks On A Road is a testament to southern black girl magic. Hurston tells the story of her life growing up in a well-off, black, and southern township in Florida. In the book, readers can get a sense of how growing…

Good Wishes for the new year 2018

Glam, Goals and Good Wishes: Wishes for Girls in the new year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 Another year is before us and however 2016 treated you, it's history now. So we look forward to new chances to shine. Here are my wishes for Glam, Goals and Good Wishes this year. Glam: Let’s get back to real personal style. I was thinking about the styles of people like…