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The Lisa Live Well Brand is dedicated to the enrichment, personal development, and inspiration for black women. On the blog, we discuss how we deal with relationships, careers, money and doing it all better. It’s about the full female experience and how we navigate all the challenges of work and play. In short, it’s a guide for Glowing up & Showing out. XO!

Whether we win or learn, there is always a story to tell. Let’s chat and share and be better for it.

About Lisa, the Live Well Girl herself: 


Lisa Live Well Blog Lisa Necole

Hello! Welcome. I am a marketer from Atlanta. I enjoy travel, cooking, and writing. I am a news junkie, lover of podcasts, and a book hoarder. I also enjoy finding new ways to get motivated and encourage others to do the same. But, surely you will learn lots about me in conversations to come, so for now, I will just say…enjoy. 

OXX Lisa Necole






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