About Lisa Live Well and Lisa Necole, The Live Well Girl

About the Blog:

“The best time to tell someone how you climbed out of a hole is right after you  have climbed out.”

Lisa Live Well is a lifestyle blog focused on the personal growth of women. It explores how we navigate the day to day challenges of work and play. From goal setting to relationships, it’s a place for learning and growing from all the missteps along the way and sharing the tips, tricks, and wins. Whether we win or learn, there is always a story to tell. Let’s chat and share and be better for it.

About Lisa, the Live Well Girl herself: 

About Lisa Live Well, About Blog, Lisa Necole Nwachukwu

Hello! Welcome. I am a marketer from Atlanta. I enjoy travel, cooking, and writing. I am a news junkie, lover of podcasts, and a book hoarder. I also enjoy finding new ways to get motivated and encourage others to do the same. But, surely you will learn lots about me in conversations to come, so for now, I will just say…enjoy. 

OXX Lisa Necole






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