Happy New Year 2019, Lessons and Best Wishes

Lessons and My Best Wishes for the Girls in 2019

I know I am late to the party and we are done wishing each other a “Happy New Year” but I wanted to say one last thing before we get too far –  These are my Lessons from 2018 &  Best wishes for you this year.

Lesson #1: Learning to let people go in love. 

This year was a biggie for me and I knew it would test a few relationships (big years always do) and in all the life changes I lost a friend. Maybe it was all the transition or maybe it had nothing to do with me at all but I made the decision to let them go in love. That means I have nothing bad to say, I wish them well, the season we spent together is not sour because of the ending. #Growth

Lesson #2: Leaning into challenging changes

I took a new gig this year and it has pushed me right out of my comfort zone. At a certain point in your career, you would think nothing is surprising anymore. I was wrong, I have job hopped all over and hadn’t seen the likes of this one. I am going to stick it out for a bit and see what lies on the other side (I’ll keep you posted). Challenge accepted!

Lesson #3: Grace and Space

Post 30 it seems like we are all changing and growing at a much faster rate. There was a time when you could count on me to be ready to party but things have changed. I think a lot about the assumptions I made about “disappearing” friends and now I am one. So much has happened in the last year – all great but it’s all an emotional roller coaster. I felt very guilty about this at first but a long time friend of mine reminded me that I shouldn’t and I am human. For me this is what love feels like, a person who loves me and has watched me grow up look outside the missed brunches and gatherings and offer me the space and grace to adjust. This is a gift. This is how friends become family.

Now that we have done our reflections, let’s talk about the Best Wishes for my sister circle as we wade into the waters of 2019. 

Wish #1: Bravery

Let’s do the things we are not “ready” to do this year. So many of us are trying to wait until the footing is perfect to take a leap and the truth is … it will never happen. Do it now!

Wish #2: Let’s be a touch less petty this year

I know what you are thinking! How dare the shade queen be preaching a petty cleanse? That is not what I mean y’all. What I mean is don’t let your petty spill into viciousness. I love some tea but after you’ve done some living you see that celebrating the hardships of others is not the juju you want.

Well girls, that’s it! Hello 2019 and all the love you bring. It’s going to be a big year for us all so let’s be sure to keep in touch.

If you have any lessons you learned the hard way or wishes for the new year, I want to hear about them in the comments below.

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