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Wanderlust| Traveling to Turks and Caicos πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡¨

Some of my best girls and I traveled to Turks and Caicos (TCI) for my bachelorette party. When I was thinking of places to go, this place was not on the list …mostly because I hadn’t heard of it until the flight deal emerged. To me and many Americans … it is the Bahamas. I made the mistake of mentioning this to our guide and was quickly corrected.  TCI is not part of the Bahamas, it stands alone. I saw soon enough exactly what he meant.

The place is fabulous. And it was the perfect place for this bachelorette and my party of fully grown adults  (who had been there and done that on Vegas). Here is my list of the good and the bad.

The Good Stuff

TCI is chill (and Rich). When I think of the Caribbean I think of an extension of Florida in the sense that is overrun with loud Americans families, kids and spring breakers. Since TCI is off the grid a bit, It enjoys the luxury of exclusivity. There were plenty of tourists but the beaches and restaurants were not crowded. It’s the kind of place you can go and really unplug. And we noticed upon landing that the clientele was pretty well off. It felt like we crashed the rich’s people’s island vacation and we’ll definitely be doing it again.

IMG_0083They have managed to maintain their charm. One of the things I really loved about TCI is that it was not overrun with American food chains. Everything was local, small and seemingly operated by the locals. Every meal felt like it was part of the culture. There are so many places in the world that are so focused on being American facing with all of our food chains. TCI had made a conscious decision not to do so. Our guide explained that they outlawed those chains to make sure that the locals could be part of the economy. I love that.

Everything is beautiful. TCI is beautiful … maybe the most beautiful island I have ever been too. The water was clear and the sand was white. Everything is postcard photo ready. And you get a sense of solitude on the beach.

Travel to Turks and Caicos, BachloretteThe service is top notch. Maybe it was because of the rich folks hanging around but the service we received was absolutely incredible. Everyone was nice and accommodating. The people really wanted to share their history.

The Food. We attended the fish fry and ate at plenty of local restaurants. I love Carribean food and there was no shortage of conch, peas and rice and jerk.

The Bad Stuff

It’s Expensive….very. Since everything has to be imported, the cost is tripled. I got a bottle of tums… standard size and it was $20 USD. (oh yeah, they use USD there … I should have mentioned that) This is not the place where you think “Oh if I forgot it, I’ll just buy it there“. Nope, be ready to spend some money.

Traveling to TCI

It’s a driving Island. I hate driving at home so driving on vacation is an even bigger no. There is no Uber/Lyft. Your options are to rent a car or taxi. The taxis were super expensive too. They charge you a lot for the ride and it’s also per head… and the car is a complete bucket most likely. We got a driver for the weekend. He was on call and a great guide as well.

Overall the place was incredible and I definitely want to return. We were able to relax and party in the same trip. It was the best bachelorette party a girl could ask for.

Traveling to TCI

Other details:

Where did we stay? Grace Shore Villas. This place was perfect. There were 6 of us, we got a full house with kitchen and living room. We had access to the pools and bikes as well. And it was not too far from the action.

You have to check out the fish fry. Thursday Fish Fry

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