Do You Need a New Job This Year?

Could 2018 be New Year, New You … And New Job?

New Year, New Job? According to all the people that measure this stuff, this is the best time to find a new job. It is also that time of year where we start looking at all our current situations with critical side-eye. There are many reasons why you should go but these are the top reasons to put “new job, who dis?” on your vision board this month.  

Consistent boredom. All workplaces have cycles of more or less interesting work but if you have been completely bored for an extended amount of time, its time to go. At one point you may have thought to yourself “It’s great to be paid to goof off all day” but in truth, the skill set that you have fought so hard to build up could be declining. Pro Tip: We are always only getting better or worse at what we do.  By not growing and using our skills we are getting worse at them.

Pay. Listen, lots of people will tell you money does not matter, focus on the work… blah, blah, blah. I have another thought, do both. The way I see it, we are in our late 20s or 30 somethings and young enough to be risky and go after big opportunities. There will come a time when you cannot chase the check because companies will be looking at your age as a barrier to hire you. Do not waste your prime years sitting in one spot waiting for a promotion that is not coming and at a job you do not love. This is the best time to make smart money moves. 

Flexibility and balance. As we go from young people able to work longer hours to people with families of our own, we have to think about the flexibility and balance of the place we are working. Do you have the flexibility that will allow you to do what you need outside of work?  Do you have enough work/life balance to feel like you have a life? If this is important to you, consider it in your next move. 

All of these things we discussed can be rooted in company culture. Competitive pay, great use of the professionals, and a job that can grow with you are all things that we need to think about. If you have other ideas on how to determine its time for a job change, I want to hear about them in the comments below. 

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