Best Wishes for 2018

Glam, Goals and Good Wishes: Wishes for Girls in the New Year 2018

My Best Wishes for Girls in the New Year 2018

I can say with certainty that I have never felt so out of sorts in my life. For an entire 12 months, I was both living my best and worst life. Best because personally, the year has been amazing. I got engaged, new blog (and blog girlfriends), new friends, better connections, and best travel ever! Worst because I have been feeling like the world is on fire all year. It was so much crazy out there, it felt like it was threatening all the good stuff in my life at times. But guess what? I won. We still here and better than ever.

Enough about me, let’s dig into some 2018 toasts for the girls or as I like to say Glam, Goals and Good Wishes.

Glam. Let your freak flag fly, ladies. I am breaking all my dumb rules this year. As much as I like to tell y’all I live boldly, I am pretty uptight on appearance. But if Solange, Thick Beyonce and Cardi B have taught me anything it is to let go… a lot more.

My glam wish for you all is to do all the stuff you said you “don’t do” … all the shades of lipstick, blonde wigs,  glitter everything, crop tops (body or not), undefined curls… EVERYTHING. Let’s step out and just turn heads for the sake of fly in 2018.  

Goals. Just do it.*raises hand*  I am Lisa and I would like to admit that I am an over-thinker. I will “kick an idea around” in my head until I have thought myself out of it. 2018 is going to be the year of leap first and question later.

Doing things on safe footing is well… safe. But for some of us, it means never doing things you really want to do because the time never seems right. My goal for 2018 is to be less measured – just launch it, write it, and do it! 

My good wish for 2018 is love. I wish love on everyone. I am not saying just romantic love but just people around you who really love you. I spent years stomping around telling people how independent I was … suffering in silence and trying to prove something. Girl Bye. Let people in, tell them your troubles and let them help and support you. Let’s just spend the entire year as an open book to those we love and be open to receiving their love in return. 

Well, that is all I got for now. I want to hear about your Glam, Goals and Good wishes to black women in the new year as well. Comment below.


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