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Wanderlust| Traveling to Thailand 🇹🇭

Thailand was the trip of a lifetime

I took a little baecation to Thailand, specifically Bangkok, Chiangmai, and Phuket and it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. It was definitely the trip of the lifetime for both of us in terms of distance and difference. I know you have questions so let’s get into it!

How did we come to pick Thailand as this year’s destination? I can have fun anywhere but I wanted to do someplace really different this time. Europe is cool but it’s too comfortable. I could have gone to Africa but I have that planned for later when I visit family in Nigeria. So Asia was the area of choice and Thailand seemed like the best entry level point based on all the travel blogs I read.

Traveling to Thailand

What did you love most about the country? The best thing about Thailand is its people. People say that all the time, but if you have ever been to Paris, you know that people can put a damper on a trip. The Thai people are helpful, polite and they want you to enjoy your trip. So many people welcomed us into the culture as guests and I felt a responsibility to give that love back in every interaction.

The thing about Thailand as well is that the “Things to see” are all around you. Yes. they have all kinds of animals parks, temples and excursions but it is the kind of place where you can skip all of that stuff and feel like you had a great trip. Although we did some specialty things, you really did not have to. Every street corner was a sight to see. All five senses were completely engaged from the food cooking roadside to the sea of tuk-tuks and motorbikes.

Traveling to Thailand
Lisa at Wat Phra

What did you not like about the country? My only consistent complaint was the bathroom. This was not a problem in the hotels and nicer restaurants but at your regular spots, it was a bit icky. It was always wet or it was just a few steps removed from being an outhouse. They also use a Bidet hose so if you go #2, you are supposed to hose off your butt and then your the tissue to dry and drop in the trash can. You are not supposed to flush tissue in the toilet. Well, I soon connected the dots that all the water on the floor was from people cleaning their butt and I was forever grossed out.

Traveling to Thailand
Swimming Lagoons on Phi Phi Island Tour

How was the food? I love Thai food in the states and I thought the food in Thailand was generally great but after 2 weeks of it for every meal, I was dying for just a chicken breast and vegetables. *Hangs head in shame* I went to McDonald’s… twice. I know it is terrible but there was only so much curry, noodles, coconut, etc I could eat.

However, the potato chip selection at the 7 11 was incredible. Lay’s is really giving the western world the shaft on the chips. All we have is BBQ and Cheddar, meanwhile, in Thailand, I feasted on scallop & butter flavored chips, spicy lobster flavored chips, and many more. These chips sound gross but they were bomb, one day we literally bought all kinds of chips and it was a chip tasting.

Traveling to Thailand
Temple in Bangkok

How was the money conversion? Thailand is pretty cheap. We stayed in hotels that we would not have been able to afford in the states. Their currency is called Baht and its 1 American dollar to 33 Thai Baht.  Example, for spending money I budgeted $1,000 for two weeks and I was more than okay even though we took full day excursions to the Kanta Elephant Sanctuary (2,500 Baht each), Phi Phi Island (3,000 Baht each) and got matching tattoos in Phuket (2,500 Baht each). Not to mention we ate well and I bought a gang of stuff. You can bring less than that and be fine. Its all about the kind of trip you want to have.

Traveling to Thailand
Lisa at Kanta Elephant Sanctuary

Overall the trip was incredible and I suggest Thailand as a destination on everyone’s bucket list. If you have more questions, I am happy to help in any way I can? If you have been to Thailand and have a story to share, tell me in the comments below.

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