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Why You Should Stop Oversharing at Work

It’s tempting to want to share all your personal stories with co-workers but it can come at a cost

The office over-sharer, I have worked with so many…

  • The blonde who admitted that she wears leather, crotchless panties to work
  • The guy who gave us weekly play-by-plays on why his baby mama is trash (or so he says cause…men)
  • The older woman who told me that her ex-husband was in jail for child molestation but “did not do it”
  • The only other black girl who needed to tell me how much money all her stuff costs and how she put 15k down on her car
  • The lady who tells everyone everything about her adult kids … EVERYTHING. It is all sex, drugs, and mess in her camp

These are extreme (and funny) but oversharing is not only done by idiots… sharing that you are looking for a job, salary information, etc counts too.

Do not get me wrong I love some tea… especially when it has nothing to do with me but work is just not the place to spill it on yourself.  How it hurts you…

We are not listening to your uncomfortably personal story because we care, we a listening to relay all your personal details to the group chat or for further conversations over lunch (without you) where we say “well that was awkward”.

Even if you are sharing a story about your trashy boyfriend, it all says something about you. If he is trash and you are with him… I mean… do I need to spell it out? If you are going through something, talk to a friend…not your entire floor.

Being the person always at the center of a shit storm impacts how people view you professionally. No one wants to work with or for you if they think you are a mess.

You are shaping how others feel about your loved ones. Be careful how much negative you share about your people. We work with you and do not see the nuance so if every day you are complaining about your girl…we start to feel like she is awful. Next thing you know you are showing up to the company Christmas party with her and she is wondering “why all the side eye”. 

Girl, listen. We work 40 hours a week or more … keeping yourself a “mystery” is not going to happen. (I have tried it…trust me) Some days your personal life just spills over and we share things we maybe should not share. It is ok and healthy to share yourself a little but work is still work. Every company I have ever worked for claimed to be a family and it is a trap, watch yourself.  You never know how people are reading what you are thinking of as a simple story about “this one time at band camp”. You should always assume the story will be spread and modified…cause exaggerations make tea better. Make a work friend or two so you can chatter in safer space with a person who knows you and not just your stupid story about a flute and a band director. 

I wanna hear the tea. What is the craziest thing a co-worker has overshared with you? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Oversharing at Work

  1. At my last job, all they did was overshare information. We were there ten hours a day, five days a week. So, I guess I couldn’t blame them. I was always the quiet one, just listening. I never put in on any conversation. It really was a problem. They talked negatively behind other coworkers’ backs who they would sit and talk so friendly to in their faces. And I heard a story about someone’s husband trying to sleep with one of the other employees there. It was a lot of mess there. Oversharing is a problem everywhere.


    1. I totally agree and that affair drama is the worst. I always have to stop myself from being the “Amen” corner to some drama because when the story comes out all people will say is the bit you added. Great share!

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