Things that have Surprised Me About Wedding Planning

Things that have Surprised Me About Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning has been a real trip

So Life Update – I got engaged! And it has been amazing. I am elated to be marrying a great partner. I am excited to have a celebration that reflects who we are with family and friends as well. But, there are few things about wedding planning that have me really scratching my head.

The cost of the party. I knew weddings were expensive but I low key thought some of my friends just wanted to go all out. Nope. It’s all just insanely expensive but when you think about the process of getting married I get it. The vendors are there all day and it’s the day where they have to be 200% perfect. Hats off to wedding vendors. I am tempted to ask for the price of the 98% perfect package though.

It’s all consuming. All I can think about is wedding these days. I dream of centerpieces and seating charts. I am gripped with fear at missing some big thing here or there. I carry a planner and check off each step. It has taken over my life.

The Patriarchy. Being both a “Halfrican” and female I know that the advantages of this world skew male but marriage is on a whole other level. It all seems to be about one man giving his property to another man. And apparently, the property is me.

Don’t get me wrong, some of it is sweet but why can’t we talk about getting married in terms of two equal adults making a decision about their lives? I cannot be the first person to notice this. Ah well, doing this my way will be an understatement.

The focus on the party. As a person that did not have a lot of good romantic relationships modeled for me growing up, I most enjoy having a great romantic relationship that I will be able to model for my own kids. I seem to be the only one looking at the big picture.

Family. The thing about weddings is people want to come and support you. It’s sweet but all of a sudden you are thinking about how they behave in public. I never cared about it until now.

Is uncle June Bug gonna get too drunk and get into a fight with Uncle Curtis? Should I tell Aunt Sherry not to be packing up 8 to go boxes from the buffet as if she is a refugee? I know I am not the only person with let say … “off color” extended family. *reaches for a glass of wine* We are just gonna have to wobble through it.

I am about 9 months out from the big day and the planner in me is loving it but the worrier in me is anxious. I am sure my friends and family will tire of my ups and downs in the coming months but that is why we blog :).

If you are a bride – past, present or, future… in the comments below give me your best advice. I am going to need it and some more wine before this is all over with.

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  1. Congrats Lisa! Lucky guy!
    Please know that you will somehow overspend, don’t forget to eat bc you will be busy and live in the moment bc it will go by fast. Oh and be patient with the optics, there will be many and it can be tiring! Be concerned about your guest, but be sure it’s also what you and yours want, ultimately! God Bless! And have a great time! Oh a videographer is a plus!

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