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#TEAMMOLLY | Why Issa and Lawrence Are Both Trash

I weighed in on the #TeamIssa Vs. #TeamLawrence debate and came out #TeamMolly

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I have been watching Insecure and live tweeting since season one. I am a long time fan of Issa Rae from her days of ABG. (Team #WhiteJay)

The girl is brilliant and the show is spot on with a lot of my experiences just existing as a black girl. If you are wondering what I am talking about, step over to HBO for more details.

In the show, Issa and Lawrence were in a relationship until Issa cheated. The conversation online has largely been #TeamIssa vs #TeamLawrence. I was on Issa’s side for a minute because I once stood in those shoes but It occurred to me that once being an Issa did not make her better, it just meant I was trash too at some point in my life. #ButThisGlowedUp

Here is why I am #TeamMolly and Issa and Lawrence are both trash ….

They both lacked ambition. When we met Issa and Lawrence, He was jobless, depressed and hawking an app no one wanted and she was/is at a dead-end job at a nonprofit where she is going nowhere fast. Yes, Issa had a job but it was not so good that she could really look too far down at Lawrence. They were both wasting time in places where they were not happy. Meanwhile, Molly is a Lawyer and killing it.

The relationship was about comfort, not love. Both Issa and Lawrence were chilling in that old apartment doing the same thing day in and day out. I am convinced that they should have ended a long time ago but Issa did not want to be alone and Lawrence did not want to be homeless. But have you seen Molly’s spot tho? Nice. 

What happened to simple communication? You would think that after being together four years they could be honest with each other. Issa spoke so frankly to Molly about her unhappiness.  When it came to Lawrence, she could only look perplexed, mumble and run out of the door. Girl, put on your big girl panties and tell him the truth. Break up like a grown up. Lawrence was no better, he seemed way more comfortable talking to Tosha, the bank teller, about how he felt about his life than he did the person he has been sleeping next to for four whole years.

Issa’s cheating was the symptom of a larger problem #OnManySides. Issa was wrong for cheating, as I said before but it was not the worst thing about their relationship. I think that Issa’s cheating was just the sign that they can no longer pretend that “everything’s all good”. And she cheated on Lawerance because she was too cowardly to say “I want out”. Lawerance had the nerve to look shocked and appalled … seriously dude? They both suck.

Issa and Lawerance have not excelled at any area of their lives at this point. They are coasting and pointing the finger at each other for not doing more. Molly may need to have several seats when it comes to men but at least her career is in full swing. I would much rather be a Molly than Issa or Lawerance.

Whose team are you on? I want to hear about it in the comments below.

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