Surviving the group trip this summer

Your Girl’s Trip Survival Guide

Girl’s Trips are not always pretty but they are always worth it

A good girl’s trip always brings me back to center.  It is the best cure for my post 30 tendencies to be “stiff”, petty and dare I admit it… uh, frumpy (do not Ms.Celie shame me, writing is best done in PJs).  When you set off on these trips the goal is always to cut loose, look super cute and spill tea.

It is glorious but after a few days of constant gabbing and waiting for that one friend who has already changed twice to finally get dressed you may feel that you have had enough. You can admit it here – no judgment. There is such a thing as being “all grouped out”. 

I typically have about four good days of battery life before I am seeking solace but sometimes you have to keep going. Over the years I have figured out a few things to help me continue to have a great time and survive girls trips with friendships intact.

Choose your roommate wisely. Do not set yourself up to be annoyed early in the morning so choose your bunkmate carefully. The best option is not necessarily your closest bestie on the trip. The truth is sometimes that person annoys you the most. Choose based on lifestyle. If you need some moments of quiet, find the person who can be quiet. If you need a certain level of clean, pick a person who is generally neat.

Take a moment for yourself. From the very start of the trip make sure you are taking some timeouts to just do your own thing. If you tend to rise early, grab a coffee alone before the others rise. If you are a night owl, maybe take a night cap and a book to a quiet corner and just *Whoosa*. Taking a second to just be silent for a second is just a way of making sure you take care of yourself and avoid be group burn out. 

Don’t let yourself get boxed into hour by hour plans. People travel in all kinds of ways. Some people have a list of things they must do and others like to let life happen. Get clear on the tone of the vacation early on and speak up! It’s a group trip so expect to do lots together but you are allowed to miss things that do not interest you. 

Do not take anything personally. Remember you are on a trip with all kinds of women in all kinds of stages of life. You have the single girls who travel often, the married girls who almost only “baecation” and the mommy girls who are just happy to have time away. You have to leave all your short fuses at home. Someone is going to cross a line and/or just do way too much. Accept this fact … right now and decide how to handle it when it happens.  Just do not go abroad embarrassing us by fighting in public  (IE All the real housewives). 

Group trips, girl’s trips, and family vacations require patience and a constant checking of your own expectations. You know who always has drama, who is going to not have enough money and who is going to try to boss everyone around. Carefree is a choice girl, so pack all of the outfits, have fun and enjoy the people who love you enough to travel with you as you travel with them. 



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