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Magical Black Girls in Personal Finance to Follow Right Now

Finding your footing in good money management is often about finding representation.

 Some people have close friends and family to help them make great financial decisions and others have to learn from the experts. Either way, one of the best decisions you can make is to find a person who can offer you some frank financial solutions.  In my search, I often looked to online gurus for not just tips but for examples what financial security looks like. The more I heard these passionate women paint a picture of financial wellness, the clearer it became that I was not doing something right. Because this meant so much to me, I have the breakdown on 4 black women in personal finance you can follow right now.  (warning: these “breakdowns” are just my personal assessment of what these dynamic women bring to the space – links available so you can draw your own conclusions)

Money May Guru, Lisa Live Well

Patrice C. Washington

Patrice C. Washington is the author of the book, Real Money Answers for Every Woman and the online guru for all your money needs. She offers coaching and advice on credit, investments, saving more, navigating relationships and money plus so much more. I personally love her perspective on knowing your Money Personality. She is energetic, fresh and passionate about helping us have a more positive relationship with money. Check her out here:

Money May Guru, Lisa Live Well

Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista

Tiffany Aliche is all about budgeting and saving. Tiffany teaches credit management, debt management and how to finally save more so we can live out our dreams. She has the heart of an educator and the dedication of a saint. She is a personal fav of mine. Check her out here:


Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens is a wealth coach and author. Her approach is female-centered and comes from a place of healing. Her perspective on minimalism, both the less stuff and the less debt kind, are refreshing. Kara wants you to do more than just get your money right, she wants you to change your life so you can look at it differently. Check her out here:

Money May Guru, Lisa Live Well

Marsha Barnes

Marsha Barnes’ approach to money management is both for women and couples which are important because often there are two parties that need to financially come together to “right the ship”. In a world of red bottoms and pricey bags, she is encouraging us to think bigger – avoid bad habits, be smarter about the use of tax refund and be financially savvy! Check her out here:

Its hard to envision yourself in a place without a great example and the women I outlined aim to be that for other women. They all have different voices and approaches so you can find a person in your lane. Bookmark their websites, follow them online … maybe get some coaching for the long term. As always, feel free to let the Live Well crew know which guru you loved and why in the comments below.




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