Why I Love Having a Sister

13 Reasons Why Sisters are Amazing


It’s National Siblings Day and although I am the oldest of 4 kiddos, my most interesting relationship is with my sister.

My sister is a generally awesome asset in my life as an adult but as kids… not so much. We fought about everything, we were jealous of everything and it was not until I was in college that I really started to appreciate having a sister at all. But now that I am older and wiser here are 13 things I love about having a sister:

  1. We can hold an entire conversation without speaking. You can be at a party, event, nightclub or whatever but with one look we know exactly what the other is thinking.
  2. The term “Ride or Die” is a compliment for sisters and we do it proudly. If I ever needed to rob a bank, sis would drive the getaway car.
  3. We have infinite clothing options. There is no lifesaver like needing a dress, because you already took pictures in all of yours, and being able to do a quick dress swap with your sister.
  4. Sisters make the best “wing women”. Because your sister knows your approach, she knows exactly how to play it cool and help you catch the eye of the delicious French/Cameroonian at the bar…ayyyee!  
  5. The inside jokes are the best because they are have been brewing your entire life. You can utter just a few words and both dissolved into side-splitting laughter.
  6. They get all into your junk in the best way. Sisters are not afraid to broach those touchy subjects with you. Literal “Sweat Pants Interventions” have happened… I am in recovery. 
  7. They call you on your bullshit, even the bullshit you have convinced yourself is not bullshit. Your sister will not sit by and let you lie to yourself about anything and there is no sugar to coat the comments.
  8. They get your perspective without context. Your sister is the only person you can sorta tell a story to and she will know all the stuff you skipped on purpose. Plus she can completely understand why you are so mad or just side with you because …sisters.
  9. You have a built-in ally against all family members asking about marriage and babies. It’s must be a crime to be over 25, unmarried and Nigerian/Southern.
  10. She knows all your baggage and has even helped you pack it and unpack it a few times so there is not need to be coy with the dirty details.
  11. You have in instant dance partner. Have you ever been out dancing, looking cute and feeling like a “show pony” so you jump on stage? Guess who will come too? Sis. Because we have to show out as a unit.
  12. Before venturing into the unknown, your sister has the complete rundown of plans and who you have them with. You are meeting a guy you met online for dinner – before the date, you make sure sis has screenshots of his profile, his first and last name, all the stuff you googled about him and the details of the date – you know,  in case she needs to ride out. This also applies to traveling to new countries because “riding out” is a global duty.
  13. Sis is always there for a micro-loan. Ever need a few bucks or simply been down at the Sushi bar enjoying life and when the bill came… noticed you forgot your wallet? uh…me neither. But Sis is the perfect person to come to the rescue even when she lives over 30 min. away.

In short, sisters are amazing. Honestly, siblings are amazing (shout out to my two brothers). They are there to rescue you, support you, burst your ego and encourage you to “do better”. I am grateful that even when I wished to be an only child, I had sis by my side getting in the way of my plans for mischief (saving me trauma) and being my biggest cheerleader. In the comments below tell me about your sister, bestie like a sister or brother. I want to hear the stories.signature_xd1d3qpbai29p9qzxk

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