Happy International Goof Off Day

International Goof Off Day, Day Off, Relax, Unplug, Self Care

I just found out today was International Goof Off Day and I think it may be one of my favorite holidays. With all the gift giving, romantic obligations and forced family interactions that come along with other holidays, a day of sweet… sweet nothing is welcome. And it falling on a weekday¬†makes it all the better because … you could be doing something but you are not and that makes the nothingness all the more delicious. My favorite way to goof off or unplug rather is taking a long, leisurely bike ride around my neighborhood, stopping only for a smoothie or a quick gaze at the world around me. When I return home hours later, my head is always clearer and my heart is more open. It is absolute perfection.

In the comments, tell me what are your favorite ways to goof off and unplug?



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