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Be a Better Goal Digger

Set Big Goals Today and Get Big Results Tomorrow

When it comes to goal setting, the truth is most of us are just doing it wrong. Our list of “to-dos” are too long and too much of a reach from where we stand today. But I get it, we want a lot out of our lives. We want a body like 90’s Janet, to start a profitable business, go vegan, and go from super single to married all within one year. I am not saying it’s never happened, I am saying it’s probably not going to happen to either one of us.

If the goals you have set are not working out so far, let’s take a step back and consider the real importance of the goals, where you are today, what is your vision of success and what are some action items you can take to achieve your goals.

Before you set goals, you have to decide what is important to you. I am not talking about the things that should be important, but what you really care about. For example, you may know that you need to lose weight, but you cannot seem to get moving on it. Yes, It could be that you are too “comfortable” but it can also be that it’s not important enough to get you going. There is value in forcing it maybe… but be really honest with yourself.

What are you fired up about? Maybe it’s reading more, saving more, or wearing less and going out more. I have found that reaching for the things closer to the top of my list get the ball rolling a lot better than…. for example, being skinny by my birthday; when, If I am honest, I was not skinny last birthday and did not care. Let it go for now.  Find the real goal…the fire starter. It’s odd how it works, you will start to feel “together” in one area and before you know it, you are taking action in other areas because one fire feeds the other.

After you have decided on your goals … the real ones, figure out where you are today. If your goal is to read more, when was the last time you read a book? If your goal is to save more, are you saving now? Access your starting point really well, then figure out what success looks like. Craft a vision of what you want. Your specifics will depend on where you are starting.  These two steps are important to do together. By considering these two factors you are taking stock of where you are and then deciding what would make you happy.

And finally, set some action items. Based on your starting point you may start small or go big. If you are starting small, focus on your baby steps. You may want to go 100% Vegan today but start with some Meatless Mondays. If you are going big, blow it up and create a path to success that gets you to your goals faster. Also, Do not try to work on 10 things at once, pick 2 or 3 goals, prioritize them and get moving.




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