Winter Style

Shaking off The Winter Style Blues

My Tricks for Shaking off the Winter Style Blues

Let’s start by stating “ I really hate being cold”. If you are allergic to frosty temps as well, you may also feel like the Michelin Man during the winter. After weeks (or months) of wearing whatever is warm and waiting until the last minute to leave the warmth of bed, your attention to style has well … dwindled. But we can jump start it again without spending money (unless you really want to).

Start the night before. It’s Sunday night, take this time to pull it together. Do some home relaxation by taking long, bath, shaving….finally, wash your hair (use the good stuff), do the mask, the salt scrub or whatever you have at your disposal. Your job here is to feel pretty – you know exactly what I mean. Also, lay your clothes out and be sure to overdress a bit. Find your tights, good shoes and a dress of course. Get it ready.

Get up early. It’s Monday morning! Yay. Get up early and take special care to do your makeup and hair. Dress carefully. You will not want to, but you are faking fabulous until you feel it, so do it. Getting yourself out of a frump slump is all in your head and certainly all action.

Now, take a look in the mirror – you look great and feel great, right? Good. Do it again tomorrow.

May the Slay be with you.

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