Good Wishes for the new year 2018

Glam, Goals and Good Wishes: Wishes for Girls in the new year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Another year is before us and however 2016 treated you, it’s history now. So we look forward to new chances to shine. Here are my wishes for Glam, Goals and Good Wishes this year.

Glam: Let’s get back to real personal style. I was thinking about the styles of people like Grace Jones, Audrey Hepburn, and Jennifer Lopez. These are three women who are iconic because they had a way of being that was reflected in everything they did including what they wore. It says something about how well they knew and understood themselves and how much they understood how we saw them. I personally want to be this stylishly self-aware someday but for now, it’s baby steps.

Goals: Let’s set fewer goals and have more action. In my years of making lists of goals I have found that the more I have to achieve in a single year, the less likely it is that anything gets completed. You are simply spread too thin. But when you really think about the things that you really want, pick 2 for the year, and set a clear path to completion. It’s much easier to achieve them. Start your process with – “At this time next year, I would be happy if I achieved X.”

My Good Wish for 2017 is that we continue to unlearn the things that keep us tied up – things like… You have to be the “cool girl”, Busy = productive, Black Girls don’t [insert dumb thought], etc. We will talk more about these things more; I am sure, but in the meantime, let’s continue to question some of the “common nonsense” in our lives and live a more complete existence.   

A toast to you, the girls, for an amazing year to come.


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