Why You Should Break-up with Toxic Friends

How Toxic Friendships can Kill Your Whole Vibe 

Have you ever had a friend do something so foul that it left you wondering if you were ever really friends? Yes. Me too. It happens. 

The solution is the value yourself and the energy to give to people. Always treat people’s access to your time, space, affections, and love like exactly what it is, a privilege.  

Your inner circle should be made of people who offer mutual respect, encouragement, and love, not just who has been around the longest. It’s hard to let go of people who you have known since high school. These girls have shared in some pretty great milestones with you, now, and your needs have changed.

That friend who is never happy for you or cracks mean-spirited jokes about your weight is taking the space of friends who will actually champion you and think your curves are slaying – go find those people.

This is not a break-up. No announcements, declarations or exit interviews need to occur – you are simply no longer available for their bullshit. This is not mean. You are not required to give everyone repeated chances to hurt you. The only person’s feelings you should be concerned with are your own, you have been generous with everyone else this time give a little of that love to yourself.


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